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... "Where loneliness is poetry I live!" These few words contain the artistic universe of Renzo Cristiano Carli. An aura of melancholic and pliable gentleness emerges from the figurative and poetic works of the artist, generated by delicacy of mind, hidden, ethereal and persuasive intimacy. The book, dedicated to Him, aims to give a new reading of the artistic personality of Carli, it wants to restore the right role to His image within the artistic history of the City of Verona, and , in general, in the cultural sphere of the Italian ‘900. Poetry and drawing chase each other, they take refuge in the silent atmosphere of arcane omens, they recline, for an instant, between the "shadows of branches" that are gnarled and bristling, waiting for the "dew to lie down". This hidden and silent waiting, this fascinating interplay between sign and speech announces the season of the preparatory drawings, the languid and sensual sinopias of elegant and turgid female figures that the artist evokes as "love songs". "Thought becomes night" represents the oracle of distant loves of irrevocable feeling, similar to the beating of the heart that is now dormant, timeless unlit candles in the darkness of oblivion. Ink, pencil, charcoal tell about moments of vibrating passion, sensual looks, interior landscapes, evaporated loves. This keen capacity of memory enhances the compositional domain of forms in their volumetric essentiality, penetrating a concise and balanced representation. Carli goes beyond the gentleness of forms, the regularity of faces, in order to investigate and focus on the female soul in the immense sensitive depth, unique multifaceted kaleidoscope of perfection. Femininity becomes a philosophical assumption, a hidden elusive mystery marked by fascinating expressive values, an invisible bridge between two languages in the realm of aesthetics and value. Next to the large production developed around female themes, there is also a wide and interesting research study devoted to inanimate nature and zoomorphic images. Almost abstract lyricism emotionally involves these images, from which a sort of reduction of Carli’s attention to very few details of action emerges, deliberately enhancing infinitesimal reference points. A desire for cosmic void, for soft research of synthesis captures female figures, plants and animals, in a personal universe of forms. In the oil works, the colors are loaded with dense fluffiness, and then solidify in defined hues, stretched out on the canvas in a precise and wise way. Everything is suspended in a silent two-dimensional space, nestled between formal balance and arcane expressive winces. Poses and postures of sensual female bodies whisper irrevocable melancholic loves (erotic), languid suggestions, mild expansions of surfaces. Aesthetic sensual references spread, in space, an emotional tension that is visible to every groan, every languor, every curvilinear pleasure. I must admit that Carli’s figurative maturity hides great executive fluency that deeply surprised me, due to the unusual conceptuality of the expressed subjects. Accentuated figurative determinism has addressed the artist towards a pondered modulation of light, with which he molds captivating faces, interpreted with elegant psychological introspection. Spiritual lightness hovers between the looks, sublimates in the lashes wet with tears, rises to symbolic transcendence full of thrills and restless expectations. The irrepressible desire for mystical contemplation evokes representative eclecticism, which emphasizes the introspective lyricism of the works, from which the research for ideational freedom emerges. My admiration for Carli’s works comes from the deep dialogue between his drawn/painted works and his poetry. A kind of  interpretative Eden comes to life thanks to both preparatory drawings and oil works, where symbols and ideational allegories light striking colors. Fragments of images are complementary, changing their figurative texture to become recollections, stratified events, memory. Grids of signs through pictorial materials create a transposition between presence and absence, dissolution and lived life, indefiniteness and sense of the limit. Suspended above unlikely perceptive horizons, iridescent and liquid luminescence hovers and looks like "astral Goddesses" wrapped up in sensual and subtle fluid threads. Shy models, blazing timeless stars are drops of the infinite sky, they are rarefied, restless nebulas of an emotional and sensual synthesis. Soft female forms become the origin of life itself, the enigma, the mimesis of  distant heard-like experience. Vibrating variations of sign sublimate into infinite variable forms, skillfully molded into sinuous and crystal silhouettes. Like an ideal Goddess of the undefined "Parnassus", with pink and ocher tones, the woman becomes a unique form, the archetype of life, regenerating energy, "corolla of light," fragrant flower of an enchanted garden. "You will be water ... you will be land ... you will be light "... words that are likes gems, words like "light waves", words that sublimate into the infinite sea of color sensitivity. Using a syntax of the soul, the artist embarks on the career of painting and poetry, looking for an ideal beauty. This immense desire for uniqueness was born in the early years, becoming, in progress, clear research for spirituality. "Scent of wind, scent of rain" ... "in the air of stars" ... words that express, in their simplicity, Carli’s deep personality, his complex cultural  background. The nature of the artist leads him to the natural emotion in front of the wonder of forms and colors, to the contemplation of clear skies and female looks. Working on the poetics of memory, he creates a subtle synaesthesis between drawing and word, enhancing his literary vocation subtended between the memory of events and the research for spirituality. Guided by an inner need, Carli reaches a transcendental dimension, establishing a dialectical relationship, a wonderful interplay between sensitivity and flashes of light, harmonic balance and vague irrevocable loves. Busts, fragments of female bodies are symbols of a dream-like experience, dense and plastic "Venuses", revealing magic mysteries. The woman is interpreted as the Mother, as the being able to give life, floral primordial essence marked by slender forms that later become larger and more rounded, the symbol of motherhood, of endless continuity. The lines on their face, just hinted at, almost hidden, give the female figures singular discretion, purity of spirit that transforms them into heavenly entities. In the recent works, we can witness the apparent dissolution of the form, which becomes more and more tangible through perceptive paths of abstract nature. The outer reality is deliberately cancelled  beyond all spatial limits in a subtended dimension between dissolution and absence. The light spreads over the figures and vibrates with them becoming presence, vital fragment of existence. The simplified form is the architect of pure research for the absolute, where a soft light, over the earth, becomes celestial happiness, certainty of grace and eternity.

The English translation of Professor Gianluigi Guarnieri’s introduction.
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